Gaining weight at home

Process of gaining weight at home for ensuring a healthy life

Sound health is the most precious wealth of a human being. A healthy man can easily lead a sound and decent life. He can ensure maximum utilization of his time. This is why he is able to get success in his life. On the other hand, an unhealthy man faces difficulties in all sphere of his life. It is true that sound weight is highly related to sound health. Everybody knows that obesity or too much weight is very harmful for our sound health. The fact is that under weight is also very detrimental for our health. Under health is responsible for several types of complexities of our health such as vitamin deficiencies or anemia, osteoporosis, growth and development issues especially in children and teenagers. For reducing the health risk one’s must gain his weight in a better environment. Home is the best environment for gaining weight in proper time because only home environment can ensure all types of criteria in a better way for gaining weight within a short time. In home environment we not only get better fruit but also we  proper recreation which ensure our better mental health and help to remove our psychological pressure .It is also true that home is the best place for serving the food by maintaining the best standard of hygiene.    

Significance of weight gain: Sound health is not only related to our survival related issue it is but also related to our sustainability all sphere of our life. Health is very important for our social, economical and political and cultural life. Under weight hampers  our life in various types of way.  It hampers both of our physical and psychological health. Now a day, we are living in the age of globalization and fourth industrial revolution.  Industrialization spread very widely all over the world for these reasons. Industrial culture forced us to work more for ensuring our sustainability and maximizing our profit. Sound weight is essential for ensuring these factors. Under weight is the great threats for our sound health. Sound health or to gaining balanced weight has a lot of physical benefit. It also helps to strength our immune system. Sound immune system is very important for us. This is why the people who are people suffering from underweight have to overcome these problems by overcoming their weight loss.  The fact is that it also very fruitful for removing several types of contagious diseases. For last few months COVID -19 pandemic has become a great threat for public health in the world. The people who are suffering from low weight are more vulnerable for this disease. TB is also a contagious and fatal disease. The risk of TB rises when people are affected by weight loss. Low weight is also responsible for many other non -communicable diseases such as stroke, back pain, knee pain, infertility, breathing problems, sleep problems, gall bladder problems etc.

Simple tips for gaining weight at home: Home is a unique place for gaining sound weight for the reason of its unique feature. Usually a better home environment ensures all types of facilities that are important for gaining sound weight.

1) Helps us to maintain eating discipline:  

  People with eating disorders suffer from disease like anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge – eating disorder, are under weight.  Home environment is the best place for maintaining eating discipline.

2) It also helps us to maintain depression and stress free life.

3) Helps to ensure nutritious food: Family is the best place for ensuring cheap nutritious food. We get a lot of nutritious food from our family environment. These foods help us to maximizing of our weight gain.

4) Ensuring hygienic environment in the surrounding area. : Family is the best place for ensuring hygienic environment in the surrounding. Hygienic environment is the best environment for maximizing the safety and security of a person. It also helps us to reduce the different type of health risk.

 5) Ideal Food habits:  Home environment is the best environment for developing food habits. Home is the primary and best place for developing ideal food habit. Ensuring cleanliness, proper cooking and eating are included in the food habits. Process of digestion, avoiding excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks, alcohol and keeping track of one’s weight we should cook food with choices that are beneficial toone health.

6) Proper meal timing and extra calories:   

 Meal timing is very important for ensuring weight gain. For gaining extra weight one should emphasis on meal timing and volume such as:

  • Eat three big meals for breakfast and dinner
  • Eat 6 regular size meals throughout the day
  • Skip breakfast and eat two monster meals.

For ensuring sound weight, we have to target an additional 300-500 calories above your Daily Energy Expenditure. Home environment is the best environment for ensuring these criteria.

7)  Priority on carbohydrates: Consume enough calories is very vital for weight gain. Most of the calories will come from crabs and fats. Some of these carbohydrates are rice, oats, legumes and lentils. In home environment we easily get these foods.

8) Exercise : Exercise not only lose our weight but also it is helps to gain our weight. Home may be the best place for exercise.

9) Healthy diet: Healthy diet is the one of the essential elements for weight gain.  Everybody knows that the market is loaded with dietary supplements ,  but the fact is that many of these dietary supplements are full of artificial synthetic nutrients, which may gain weight temporary but ruin health permanently. For getting balanced diet one’s should consult with physician. A person body requires the right amount of proteins, fats and curbs. Healthy diet helps to fulfill all of these elements. Home made diet is the healthier than any other diet.

10) Include vegetables and meats in the menu at home: Vegetables and meats are rich sources of proteins, minerals and fiber. Home prepared food cooking processes are better than any other places. In home environment consumers get better nutrition than any other places.

Health is the roots of all kind of happiness. Healthy life is related to our life, prosperity and progress.  Sound weight is one of the fundamental pillars for sound health. People who loses their health or sufferings the problem of insufficient health, they have to emphasis on the process of weight gain. Home is the best place for weight gain because of the some specific characteristics of home for gaining sound wealth.