Sleep, Insomnia, and way of falling asleep in two minutes (The Military Secret)

Way of falling asleep and Concept and key utility and general way of ensuring sound sleep.

Human being is not a robot. He needs rest and leisure. A restless person faces different type of difficulties physically, mentally and psychologically. Sleep is the best way of providing rest of all organs of the body. It is the fundamental means of personal leisure and center for public health. It’s helps a man to sustain his physical, mental and psychological soundness. It also helps us to maintain our physical fitness. It is also true that sleep is essential for our bodies and brains so that these organs can repair themselves. On the hand, insomnia hampers the    leisure and rest of our body and brains. It helps the irregular function of our body and brain. This is why it is responsible for different type of physical and mental difficulties such as blood pressure, obesity, depression and drug addiction etc. It is a fact that we live in the age of modernization and globalization. Due to the impacts of modernization and globalization insomnia has become an epidemic. Considering the reality several institutions are trying to better solution of this problem. Military is the one of the best and efficient institution in all over the world. Now days this institution is trying to solve the conventional security problems and increase the efficiency of the defense. Considering insomnia as a serious national problem militaries of different states have invented the techniques / way of falling asleep in shorter period.  Some people call it military secret of falling asleep.

Sleep can be defined as a normally persistent state of mind and body, which alters our consciousness, it also slows up our sensory activity and naturally reduces  the activity of muscle and all other organs of our body , it also inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and normally reduced interactions with surroundings.

Usefulness of sound sleep:

  • Sound sleep helps us to improve our capacity of concentration and productivity
  • It also strengthens our immune system
  • It also decreases the risk of several health related problems in modern time such as high blood pressure, depression, obesity, dementia, addiction, irritability and motor vehicle collision.
  • Sleep helps the repairing function of our bodies and brains. It is very important for learning and keeping memories.

General ways of ensuring sound sleep:

There are several common rules for preventing insomnia and ensuring sound sleep. Most of these are related to discipline and consciousness. It is a fact that prevention is better than cure. These preventive approaches help us preventing insomnia and ensuring sound sleep. Such as :

  • Strictly main sleep hygiene.(several issues are related to sleep hygiene . These issues are consistent or regular bedtime, exposure to light, ensuring a quiet and dark room and regular exercise.
  • One’s must stop using the phone and e – book before bed. Light of these materials disturb us to fall asleep.
  • Must avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol
  • Refrain from taking heavy meal late in the day. But a light snack before bed time may help you sound sleep.
  • Follow a routine relax before bed such as read a book, listen music or take bath.
  • One’s must not lie awake and worry about things, prepare a to do list before you go to bed.

Concept, causes and complications of insomnia:

 Insomnia refers to a common disorder of the sleep that causes hard to fall asleep, and also push one’s to get up too early and not to be able to get back to sleep.

There are several causes of insomnia. It is true that in the modern age our life styles and digital revolution and influence of globalization are responsible for insomnia.  These causes are disturbing our sound sleep and damaged our physical and mental health in several ways.  These causes are:

  • Lack of sleep hygiene or poor sleep quality
  • Having chronic diseases such as diabetes , kidney and lung disease, stress to life event
  • Changing trends of our life schedule such as new shift at work, bad habits such as pornography, drug addiction , tobacco
  •  Pain or discomfort at night and work and emotional stress.
  • Indiscriminate utilization of several electronics and digital technology specially those which have blue wave lengths.

 A lot of people all over the world have been sufferings from insomnia. Insomnia is a civilization disease which is responsible for several types of complications of our health. Some of these sufferings are very common all over the world. These sufferings are:

  • Insomnia is responsible for several types of health problems. These problems are related to our physical and mental health. These problems are also responsible for our severe health complications. These problems are liable for high blood pressure, depression, addiction, irritation, motor vehicle collusion etc.
  • Insomnia is also responsible for high rate of suicide.

It is also a fundamental reason of our problem of concentration.

Background of the way of falling asleep in two minutes (the military secret):

The problem of insomnia is growing day by day around the world. This epidemic has become a global problem. Rapid globalization has increased the rate of modernization. Some cultures of the globalization and modernization are directly responsible for insomnia such as for the reason of globalization mental performance is rapidly growing among professional practices and proportion of shift workers is now estimated to be over 20 %.    As most of the countries in all over the world have already been influenced by the trend of globalization and modernization, insomnia have become the common disease of globalization and modernization.  This disease has become an epidemic and major problem of public health all over the world. In developed countries 10 to 30 percent of people have been suffering from different types of insomnia. It is a fact that insomnia has created severe health problem and it also affected the working modalities via organizational context of many of the developed and developing countries. American Sleep Association (ASA) mentioned that 50  to 70 million U.S adults have a sleep disorder. Insomnia is the most common among these disorders. Like others countries lack of sleep is actually a massive obstacles of job holders and business person productivity. A 2015 Harvard study showed the average worker loses   equal to    the nearly 11days of productivity every year for the reason of sleep related complexities. And a 2017 study exposed that poor sleep cost US business suffered $411 billion in lost productivity every year. The way of falling asleep in two minutes (The Military Secret) is reportedly used by US Army to help them fall asleep in circumstances that are less than peaceful , such an in the ground of war/ battle. The detailed in the book” relaxed and win” : Championship performance , 1981, themechanism is thought to have been developed  by Army chiefs to ensure soldiers didn’t make life menacing mistake due to insomnia related exhaustion. It is clearly evident that both professional or conventional and non conventional security threats in the root cause of innovating the military secret the way of falling asleep in two minutes.

Way of falling asleep in two minutes   (The Military Secret) :

   This technique mainly involves muscle relaxation, breathing and visualization process that anyone can follow. The main steps of this military secrets are :

1) One should sit on the one side (edge) of his bed. Then he should make sure that his bedside light is on, and his alarm is set for the morning.

 2)  One has to relax one’s facial muscles. At the initial stage he should tighten them up in the wincing motion and after that he should loosen his muscle in a natural way. Then he should let his tongue fall in any way.

3) Once one’s face feels like deflated putty, then he should allow his shoulder to come down towards the ground. After that he should allow his arms dangle too, one side at a time.

4) While doing this, one should breathe in and out, listening to the sound of his breathe and one should allow one’s relax further, and then he should let gravity relax his things and lower legs.

5) Once one body feels like nothing more than a loosely formed lump of clay, after that one should clear one’s mind for 10 seconds. If thoughts come naturally, one should allow them pass naturally keep one’s body loose and limp. After a few more seconds one’s mind should feel clearer.

6) Now one should visualize the picture on of the following two scenarios:  One lying in a canoe in a calm lake with clear blue sky above one’s  in a velvet hammock , gently sawing swaying in a pitch – black room. If one happen to be a person who isn’t great at visualization, he can instead chant the mantra, ” Don’t think, don’t think , don’t think. ” for ten seconds instead.

And , that’s it. At the end of these steps, which should take about two minutes, lie down and turn down the beside light. Ideally, you’ll drift off the sleep within a few minutes.

Finally it is evident that sleep hygiene and others related discipline is essential for ensuring sound sleep and removing insomnia. Perseverance is essential for successful implementation of the techniques of the way of falling asleep in two minutes by following the technique of The Military Secret. These secret are also an art.